About us


“One stop solution for Hospitals and Health Care Organizations”

Healthcare International Consult was established in 2014 with the motto of complete and quality care service to the Hospitals and Healthcare organizations. The team is the combination of healthcare managers, biomedical professionals, allied professionals, engineers, architectures and experienced healthcare consultants. We provide a complete solution for hospital and healthcare settings.


Evidence suggested that many hospitals and healthcare organizations in developing countries are struggling to provide quality services. Due to the improper management, hospitals neither make the profit nor fulfill patient satisfaction. This is the principal cause of low patient turnover and low bed occupancy rate. Our global expert consultants and experienced healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing an appropriate solution. Our services are not only limited to setting up of new hospital and expansion but also in improving the quality of existing facilities.


It has been proved from our previous work experience, we have always taken a client service approach to work and pride ourselves on our ability to produce consistently high-quality work and deliver exceptional service. We are a strong supporter of fairness and professionals conduct in the workplace. We have always taken a results-based approach to our work and pride yourself on our ability to see things through for completion and produce positive outcomes. Making an effort to learn about their requirements and expectations and suggest a suite of services including additional or alternative services to best suit their needs.
Your quality service is our commitment.